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"I love you directly without problems or pride." - Pablo Neruda

[OOC: Chris Summerby's Bio]

Name: Christopher Brett Summerby
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1 October 1977
Year: 7th
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Muggleborn
Physical characteristics: Christopher Summerby is slightly over average height, with wheat-blond hair which tends more often than not to fall into his eyes. Lacking the confident self-assurance of dormmates Nick Stebbins and Barney Dunstan, Chris is soft-spoken, rather introverted, and is overshadowed more often than not by those two boys. He does not mind this, however, preferring to remain somewhat in the distance and observe rather than be out in the limelight. Not traditionally handsome or at all imposing, he nevertheless gets called "cute" by numerous girls, though the cuteness is more of the "awww squishy" variety than the "rawr" variety.

I wish everyone was loved tonight...Collapse )


- Chris


Erm, why is everyone glaring at Zacharias Smith these days? I was in the library and he was studying for Charms with Tracey Davis and I could've sworn that a bunch of fifth years passed by their table and gave him the evil eye before stomping off.

I guess he can be a bit abrupt at times, and Tracey can be loud and like to ruffle hair and so on, but I don't think that either of them should be glared at or whatever just for no reason, right? It probably hurts their feelings.

And Educational Decree 26 makes me sad. It was nice to be able to chat with the teachers after class now and again.
- Chris


Well, the hols were nice, and I had fun visiting people and the like. Angelina, your party was really nice, and I still think you're kind of scary, and am NOT adorable, okay? hope you have a nice year ahead. Nick, your mum's place is nice, and she is kind of glamorous, isn't she? seems nice, and I'm glad we got to see each other and such, because really, for a lot of us, it's our last year and... well, everything considered, it's really hard to say if all of us will have opportunity to spend time together again after school is done with.

Private to AliciaCollapse )

But now it's back to school and everyone's sad businesslike again. I hope the second half of this school year goes smoothly.
- Chris


OH NO!! This is TERRIFYING. I felt a bit peculiar after lunch and went to the loo and then all of the sudden MY UNIFORM NO LONGER FIT and now all of the sudden I'm a GIRL and I was going to be late for class but when I came out of the stall that Irish fifth-year from Gryffindor was THERE AND AGH asked me if I was lost and called me "the prettiest lass" that he ever did see! And I ended up missing class anyway because when I left the loo there were MORE BOYS STANDING AROUND and they whistled and so I dashed back into the loo and I AM GOING TO FAIL ALL MY CLASSES IF I CAN'T GO TO CLASS BECAUSE I AM A GIRL HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Why do I want to cry? I have not wanted to cry for several years. And why am I suddenly noticing that I have a hangnail on my left index finger and that the skin around the edge of my nails isn't completely smooth and have the urge to do something about it?


- Chris


This morning I awoke to a loud noise coming from the Common Room and it turned out to be Sarah singing "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas", wearing a Father Christmas hat. She ruffled my hair again put the hat on my head and told me that she'd been up all night first putting up Christmas decorations around the castle hopefully no more mistletoe and then working on Transfiguration homework, which was why the Christmas wreath over the fireplace purrs, though she did manage to get rid of the tail and ears. Hopefully she won't fall asleep during class.

She also squealed very excitedly and said stuff about me having a girlfriend and seemed to think that the whole situation with the mistletoe, which I have no idea how she knows, was "the most adorable thing" she'd ever heard.
- Chris


It's been following me since this morning because on my way out of the Great Hall someone bumped into me which caused me to stumble at the doorway and then it started following me around and the only way I made it through the day was to hide in a nearby empty classroom or behind a suit of armour or... whatever, really... especially whenever I saw Sarah Tracey Davis Monique Travers Lavender Brown anyone who typically likes to ruffle my hair people approaching.

Do the spells on these things wear off after a while? Please?
- Chris


Private to Lucy-AnneCollapse )

There's the Quidditch game against Ravenclaw coming up. I'm somewhat nervous... they typically have a strong team, don't they?

And it's really going to be difficult playing Seeker. Against Cho Chang. When it should be Cedric.
- Chris


About those rating things...

I'm not pretty, okay? And... my hair is just hair. But all that's beside the point.

Saorla isn't boring, and Cecy isn't a clone of anyone, and Lucy Anne isn't overly sweet, and Alicia is NOT pond scum, okay?!

What on earth made them say such mean things?
- Chris


Professor Umbridge has a new Educational Decree just so she can ban people who fight after a Quidditch game now? That's terrible. People fight enough as is, but banning them from Quidditch isn't going to make them feel more peaceful, is it?

Private to Alicia SpinnetCollapse )

Private to Barney DunstanCollapse )
- Chris


Brrrr... why is it so cold in the Den today? It's usually quite warm, even in the wintertime, because we keep the fire burning well.

I am going to have to recopy this Ancient Runes assignment, I'm afraid. The runes are kind of blurring in front of my eyes and I'm shivering and it looks very sloppy.
- Chris

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